3 Tips to Improve Home Air Quality

Because you can’t see debris or allergens in your home’s air, investing in air quality products is often overlooked as non-essential. But, that doesn’t mean that your home’s air quality is any less important than other utilities, like the quality of your water.

If the water coming out of your tap was filled with pollutants, we're willing to bet you’d invest in a water purifier. You should think of the air quality in your home with the same urgency. 

The good news is, there are quite a few ways to improve the air quality of your home. That's why we have put together our guide on how to improve home air quality. A few of the most common include:

  1. Replacing your HVAC air filters
  2. Dusting your home regularly
  3. Installing an air purifier

Below, we’ll discuss each of these tips to improve home air quality in more detail.

How to Improve Air Quality

Air Quality Tip #1: Replace Your Air Filter

The easiest way to improve home air quality is to check your air filter and replace it if it’s dirty.

Your air filter works as a barrier between contaminants and your indoor AC unit, preventing dust and other allergens from entering your home’s air supply. 

If your air filter is doing its job, over time, it will become bogged down with dirt and debris, which can affect the quality of your home’s air. So, if your air filter looks anything like the filter on the right, it’s time to replace it. 

Air Quality Tip #2: Dust Your Home (the Right Way)

Although your air filter is in place to block dust and other allergens from entering your home’s air supply, it's not meant to catch all the dust and debris that enter your home.

Too much dust will bog down your air filter and could prevent your system from properly cooling or heating your home. 

To help improve the air quality of your home, it’s important that you dust your home regularly. 

Here are a few tips for catching the most allergens when dusting:

  1. Dust with an absorbent cloth- This will capture dust and allergens rather than simply moving them from one place to another. 
  2. Set your thermostat to ON when dusting-  Setting your thermostat to ON instead of AUTO will keep your indoor AC fan blowing constantly. This will suck any leftover dust into your air filter and trap it there. *Make sure to turn your thermostat back to AUTO when you’re done or you could see your AC bills spike. 
  3. Vacuum after dusting- Vacuuming after dusting will prevent that dust from getting kicked up and back into your home’s air supply.  
  4. Regularly wash bedding and blankets- Dust and other allergens, like pet hair, are easily caught in cloth materials like bedding and blankets. It’s important to wash bedding regularly, to keep dust out of your home’s air.

Air Quality Tip #3: Install an Air Purifier

The most effective way to improve the air quality of your home is to invest in an air purifier. 

There are several different kinds of air purifiers, and the kind that will be best for your home will depend on your household and the kinds of allergens you want to remove from your home’s air. 

The main types of air cleaners we install include:

1. Media air cleaners, which can remove particles like:

  • Pet dander
  • Lint & dust
  • Dust mite debris
  • Mold spores
  • Pollen
  • Auto emissions & smoke

2. UV lights, which use ultraviolet light to kill:

  • Bacterial pollutants
  • Viruses
  • Mold spores
  • Etc. 

3. Whole-home dehumidifiers provide benefits like:

  • Reducing humidity in every room 
  • Controlling humidity levels via the thermostat
  • Runs automatically
  • Only requires annual maintenance

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