2 Inch Air Filters

Browse the collection of 2 inch air filters from Advanced Filters online. We carry three different sizing options of 2 inch thick air filters to meet the needs of any application. We know that furnaces come in a variety of sizes and configurations, that's why we offer 1 inch air filters, 2 inch AC filters, 4 inch air filters, and 5 inch air filters. Order quality 2 inch air filters from Advance Filters today!

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2 Inch Air Filters for Contractors

At Advanced Filters, we don't just offer AC filters for sale to homeowners, we also offer solutions for contractors and business owners. To make it easier to buy bulk air filters, we offer all of our 2 inch air conditioner filters in convenient 12 packs. If you run an HVAC business, and would like the convenience of ordering replacement filters in bulk, you've come to the right place.

2 Inch Air Filters from a Trusted Brand

Our team has been servicing and selling products in the HVAC industry for over 25 years now! We know the pains and frustrations that come along with servicing HVAC units. That's why we've created 2 inch thick air filters that are built to provide top-of-the-line quality and performance for your heating and cooling system. Purchase high-quality 2 inch air filters from Advanced Filters.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2 Inch Air Filters

What is the Actual Thickness of a 2 Inch Air Filter?

When looking for replacement HVAC air filters, it's important to know two different measurements. Those two measurements are nominal and actual size. The nominal size refers to the rounded number used for packaging and labeling. For 2 inch thick air filters, the nominal thickness is 2 inches where the actual thickness is 1 ⅞ inches.

What is the Advantage of a 2 Inch Air Filter?

If your HVAC system can accommodate 2 inch AC filters, we recommend using them in place of their 1 inch counterparts. This is because a thicker filter will provide a more snug fit which allows less air to slip through unfiltered. 2 inch air conditioner filters also last longer than 1 inch filters.

How Often Do You Change a 2 Inch Furnace Air Filter?

2 inch air filters should be changed every 90 days on average. Replacing these filters every three months ensures maximum performance and output from your filter and HVAC unit as a whole. Changing your 2 inch AC filters in the recommended frequency will ensure a healthier home.

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